Dodgers’ SS Trey Sweeney Looking Like A Potential Future Star?

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a strategic move this offseason by acquiring the Yankees’ top-10 prospect, Trey Sweeney. This acquisition not only strengthened the Dodgers’ depth but also cleared up a 40-man roster clog for the club. Sweeny has shown that he has a promising future for the team, especially given his recent stellar performance in Triple-A.

Dodgers Acquire Yankees’ Top-10 Prospect Sweeney

In an offseason trade, the Dodgers secured Trey Sweeney from the Yankees, who was ranked as their No. 8 prospect. The 23-year-old shortstop was exchanged for veteran reliever Victor González and minor league infielder Jorbit Vivas. This trade not only cleared spots on the Dodgers’ 40-man roster but also brought in a player with tremendous potential.

Sweeney, the Yankees’ first-round pick in 2021, showcased his skills in Double-A last season. He hit 13 home runs and drove in 49 runs over 100 games, boasting a .252/.367/.411 slash line. His performance against right-handed pitchers was particularly impressive, with a .277/.387/.452 line. With a scouting grade of 55 for his arm and an overall rating of 50, according to, Sweeney’s addition to the Dodgers is seen as a valuable asset for the future.

Sweeney’s Incredible Week in Triple-A

Trey Sweeney’s recent performance in Triple-A has turned heads. In a 6-game series this week, Sweeney hit six home runs, demonstrating his power and consistency at the plate. Over the week, he posted a .393/.433/1.143 slash line, driving in 14 runs and scoring 10. His outstanding play earned him the Pacific Coast League Player of the Week honors.

This remarkable week highlighted Sweeney’s potential to be a key player for the Dodgers. His ability to deliver consistently makes him a candidate for a future spot in the major league lineup.

The Dodgers’ Shortstop Conundrum

Currently, Mookie Betts is handling shortstop duties for the Dodgers, but his versatility allows him to play multiple positions, including second base and right field. This flexibility opens the door for Sweeney to potentially step in as the Dodgers’ shortstop of the future if he continues to develop at his current pace.

The Dodgers’ 40-man roster management has been meticulous, balancing between nurturing prospects and maintaining a competitive edge. The recent trade for Sweeney is part of a broader strategy to ensure depth and future stability in key positions. With Betts’ ability to move around the field, integrating Sweeney into the lineup could provide the Dodgers with an even stronger defensive setup.

Future Implications

The acquisition of Trey Sweeney signifies the Dodgers’ commitment to building a robust and dynamic team. If Sweeney can transition his Triple-A success to the major leagues, he could become a cornerstone for the Dodgers’ infield. As the team navigates through the season, keeping an eye on Sweeney’s progress will be crucial.

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