2024 Dodgers Trade Deadline Rumors: Analyzing Potential Moves

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, the Los Angeles Dodgers are exploring various options to bolster their roster. The Dodgers, despite a strong start to the season, are looking to address weaknesses in their lineup and pitching staff. Here’s a breakdown of some of the 2024 Dodgers Trade Deadline Rumors, by position, and an analysis of the pros and cons of each potential move.


Luis Robert Jr. (Chicago White Sox)

  • Pros: Robert Jr. is a talented player with a high ceiling. Despite a slow start this season (.214 batting average), his performance last year (.264/.315/.542 slash line) earned him an All-Star selection. Adding him could strengthen the Dodgers’ outfield, which has struggled, especially the lower half of the batting order.
  • Cons: Robert Jr. has had injury issues, currently recovering from a hip injury. His recent performance raises questions about his immediate impact.
  • Trade Cost: Likely to be high given his potential and contract through 2027. The Dodgers might have to part with significant prospects or young talent.

Mark Canha (Detroit Tigers)

  • Pros: Canha offers versatility, able to play DH, right field, left field, and first base. He has a decent 115 wRC+ in 220 plate appearances and performs well against left-handed pitching.
  • Cons: At 35, Canha is older and might not provide long-term value. He also has a higher price tag for half a season.
  • Trade Cost: Moderate, with a salary commitment of about $5 million for the rest of the season.

Tommy Pham (Chicago White Sox)

  • Pros: Pham has a solid .280/.331/.733 line this season and a strong postseason record. His fiery attitude could provide a spark.
  • Cons: Pham’s personality can be polarizing. His age (36) and the potential cost might make him a short-term fix.
  • Trade Cost: Likely moderate, depending on how much the Dodgers value his postseason experience and versatility.


Bo Bichette (Toronto Blue Jays)

  • Pros: Bichette is a young All-Star with team control through 2026. His addition would improve the Dodgers’ infield depth and allow for lineup flexibility.
  • Cons: Bichette is having a down season (.236 batting average), and the cost to acquire him would be significant.
  • Trade Cost: High. Proposed trade includes Gavin Lux, top prospect Dalton Rushing, and pitcher Payton Martin.

Nolan Arenado (St. Louis Cardinals)

  • Pros: Arenado is a proven performer, known for his offense and defense. His competitive nature and experience could be valuable.
  • Cons: Arenado has a large contract (four years, $76 million remaining) and has not performed as well with the Cardinals as he did with the Rockies. The Dodgers already have depth at third base with Max Muncy performing well.
  • Trade Cost: Likely high, considering Arenado’s stature and contract.

Willy Adames (Milwaukee Brewers)

  • Pros: Adames has been a consistent performer and could provide depth at shortstop.
  • Cons: The Dodgers have depth at shortstop, and Adames might not be a significant upgrade over existing players. His acquisition might not justify the cost unless packaged with another key player.
  • Trade Cost: Moderate to high, especially since the Brewers are open to discussing trades.


Justin Verlander (Houston Astros)

  • Pros: Verlander, despite his struggles, is a seasoned veteran with a history of success. His presence could stabilize the rotation.
  • Cons: Verlander has a full no-trade clause and has expressed a preference to stay in Houston. His performance this season has been subpar, and his contract is substantial.
  • Trade Cost: High, considering his contract and the fact that he might not want to leave Houston.

Clayton Kershaw’s Return (not a trade, but same potential impact)

  • Pros: Kershaw, recovering from shoulder surgery, could provide a significant boost if he returns to form. Last season, even with shoulder issues, he posted a 2.46 ERA over 24 starts.
  • Cons: Kershaw’s health remains a concern, and managing his workload will be crucial.
  • Impact: His return around the All-Star break could make a trade for another starting pitcher less urgent​​​​.

What Move Will The Dodgers Make?

The Dodgers 2024 Trade Deadline Rumors are starting to heat up and the club has several options to consider as the trade deadline approaches. Reinforcing the outfield with Luis Robert Jr. or Mark Canha, upgrading the infield with Bo Bichette, or adding pitching depth with Justin Verlander are all potential moves. However, the cost in trade assets and the fit within the current roster dynamics will be critical factors in the decision-making process. The Dodgers’ front office will need to balance immediate needs with long-term strategy to maintain their competitive edge.

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