Update: 2024 Award Leaders

This post is an update to the 2024 Awards Race post from a few days ago.


  • still appears to be the frontrunner, Austin Martin closing the gap, Trout still there as well, a big week from Gavin Lux may have gotten him in the conversation.


  • Fernando Tatis has been on fire and has taken over the WAR lead from Rowdy, Rowdy still a pretty clear leader in my eyes but if that gap grows it will be interesting.

AL Cy Young

  • Still looks to be Bubic’s to lose. Someone in the chasing pack (Bieber, Vesia) would have to get real hot to catch.

NL Cy Young

  • A bad start for Sixto against the Mets of all teams has given MacKenzie back the lead in ERA and at 18-3 he’s a pretty big favorite as of now. (Thor, Glasnow, Gray, Ryu, and 2x defending champ Walker Buehler all chasing).


  • Walker certainly isn’t running away with the award and Moss’s hot August is probably closing the gap. Walker still in the driver’s seat but will be an interesting last few weeks (look out for Benony)


  • This is gonna be fun- Mitchell vs Abel in my eyes and both have very good cases. Abel might be a slight leader in my eyes right now but voters like to forget the pitchers.

AL Reliever

  • The Hendricks ERA keeps going down and Diaz keeps racking up the saves. This may come down to voter preference if Hendricks doesn’t get blown up late.

NL Reliever

  • Still the same 2 horse race in my eyes and neck and neck as far as I can tell. Another one super up for grabs.

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