SAHL Rewind: Phillies acquire Adames and Suarez

The make a big move ahead of the 2022 to acquire a top young SS and power-hitting 3B as they looked to challenge the Atlanta Braves for the .

On July 4th of the 2022 season, the Phillies, having come off a third place finish the year prior, traded a solid staple of prospects to the Reds in order to acquire SS and power-hitting 3B . Here is what the trade looked like at the time:

Phillies sent:

  • SP Prospect : The 23-year old was the #22 prospect in all of baseball at the time, Leath was playing in A- ball at the time and had a 2.31 ERA in 23.1 innings pitched
  • SP Prospect : The then-20 year old was a slid prospect, #131 at the time, and was pitching in A- ball.
  • RP : The #107 ranked prospect at the time, Ventura (then 20 years old) was pitching in high A ball and had a 2-0 record in just 10 innings pitched.
  • RF Erickvi Celedoni: A 21 year old outfielder who was ranked outside of the top 500 and seen as a flyer
  • RF : A 19 year old at the time, Herrera was also not ranked in the top 500 but had been tearing the cover off the ball in the Rookie league at the time of the trade, posting a .373/.439/.458 slash line

Cincinnati sent:

  • SS Willy Adames: The young SS, just 26 years old at the time, was hitting .268/.332/.499 at the time with 19 home runs, ranking amongst the tops of all SS leading into the trade deadline.
  • 3B Eugenio Suarez: The 30-year old power hitter was in the midst of a big season, posting a .262/.342/.527 line with 24 home runs at the time of the deal.
  • $3,000,000 in cash: $$

How it turned out for the Phillies:

Adames and Suarez both had tremendous careers for the Phillies following the trade. In the 2022 season, Adames had a bit of a slow go at it with the Phillies, struggling to hit .200 over the seasons final 2.5 months. Suarez, on the other hand, was incredible, finishing with 29 home runs over 80 games with the Phillies and powering their offense into the post season. Both were instrumental in helping the Phillies finish in the top two Wild Card spots in 2022 (the Phillies ended up losing the NL East to the Braves by a half game and then lost to the Giants in the Wild Card game).

In 2023, Suarez again posted a monster year to help the Phillies win the Wild Card. Adames brushed off his 2022 slow start with the club and had an epic 2023 that included an All Star selection, a gold glove and a silver slugger award as the young SS established himself as one of the game’s best SS, posting an incredible 7.1 WAR that season.

In 2024, with the Phillies fading in the playoff race, the club shipped Adames to the in exchange for top 40 prospect Termarr Johnson and relief pitching prospect Mike Weslund.

How it turned out for the Reds:

For the Reds, the team had been struggling near the bottom of the NL Central and moved a chunk of MLB talent for prospects that they hoped would help with a rebuild.

Jackson Leath is still ranked amongst the top 100 prospects according to BNN, but the pitcher is now on the wrong side of 20 and has not progressed above AA, where he is struggling with a 5+ ERA this season.

Grant Taylor, now 22 years old, looks like he has a path to becoming a solid starter in the bigs. He is currently pitching in high A ball. Taylor, funny enough, was traded back to the Phillies in the deal that Nick Madrigal to the Reds, and the later traded again by the Phillies to the Mets as part of the Gleybar Torres deal. Needless to say, Taylor has been a nice pawn for the Phillies over the years.

Ezequiel Ventura climbed to #74 on the BNN prospect list before the Reds moved him as part of the pieces it took to acquire OF Luis Robert. Now 22, Ventura looks like he could be a potential Ace for the one day. He is currently in AA and pitching very well with a 9-1 record and a 2.02 ERA.

Erickvi Celedoni remains a marginal prospect and was dealt to the as part of the Tyler Glasnow deal, but RF Jorge Herrera has blossomed into a top 55 prospect for the Reds and currently ranks as their #2 prospect. He is hitting .274/.333/.419 in AA with 2 home runs and the 21 year old projects to be a potential starting outfielder in a couple of years.

Overall Analysis:

This trade looks like it has worked out for both sides as the Phillies got two players that helped them get to consecutive post seasons, while the Reds used all that young talent to acquire some top-notch MLB players.

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