Record Watch

As we get closer to the end of the 2024 SAHL season, here are some team records that are within reach:
  • San Diego extends his record SB count to 268, obliterating the previous record of 212
  • Cleveland is 13 walks away (719) from the single season record of 732, set by Minnesota last season.
  • Arizona is 3 triples shy (55) of the single season record of 58 set by Colorado in 2020
  • Cleveland (.363) and Washington (.359) are both leading the previous OBP single season record of .358 (CHW 2021)
  • Washington (28.86) is currently leading the previous strikeout % record of 28.07 (CHW 2021)
  • Washington (20.59) and St Louis (20.45) are both leading the previous K/BB% record of 20.36%

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