IT’SAHL GOOD: Episode 28

Connor, Keith and Brian tie up Tyler and take over the for an episode. They look at the deals and how they helped or hurt the contenders. Then they make predictions and even debate who wins the World Series and why.

SEGMENT #1: Who improved the most at or near the deadline, look at what the contenders did and make your pick for who pulls the division out. We go through the moves that each of the contenders made and discuss what we liked and did not like. We also do some newbie bashing as the moves some of our new guys made left a few of us scratching our heads. Which teams improved the most? Which teams did not get enough value for their players? Listen to find out

SEGMENT #2: Who are your top 3 positive surprise teams. Take a listen to see who the gang thinks are the three biggest surprise teams in the this season. Surprisingly enough, all three of the panel picked the same three teams (in slightly different orders). Listen to find out

SEGMENT #3: Who are your top 3 negative surprise teams. Same questions as segment #2 except this time we look at the three teams that we are surprised have underperformed our expectations this season. We had some differences of opinion here, but the 2023 World champs and the beloved team of our Podcast general, Tyler, make the list. Listen to find out

SEGMENT #4: Division and Playoff Picks. Keith and agree on who will make it to the postseason and who will win the World Series. Connor breaks off and picks a different world series matchup. Two of the members of the panel has the NL winning, but Connor says the AL repeats. Listen to find out

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