GM Profile: Ray

LOCATION: Cedar Rapids, IA

AGE: 27

ABOUT: Born and raised in Northeast Iowa (Near Decorah if you are familiar). Played basketball, football, baseball in high school. Was in the Marine Corps for 5 years, spent most of my time in San Diego, then came back to Iowa. I listen to rap like Eminem, J Cole, Kendrick, also a big Run the Jewels fan. For sports I am a Cubs, Twolves, Vikings fan. Hobbies are mainly OOTP and “homelabbing” (I run a bunch of servers at home, big nerd) Something interesting: my hometown population is 175. ( I grew up in the country though)

Occupation: IT

OOTP Player since: OOTP 17. And I’ve played a ton (probably like 5000 hours total on steam between them)

Family: Married and 1 daughter (19 months) her name is Reyna, kind of named after me because she was born on my birthday.

Current OOTP Leagues:

Stay at Home League (SAHL): Inaugural season member since the 2020 season; current GM of the San Diego

The League (TLG): Current GM of the Oakland A’s

OOTP Career Highlights:

SAHL: 2020 NLCS Appearance , GM of the year

SAHL: 2021 NLDS Appearance

SAHL: 2023 NL Wild Card Appearance

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