GM Profile: Mitch

NAME: Mitch

LOCATION: Syracuse, NY

AGE: 26

ABOUT: Mitch is an avid Syracuse Mets, Syracuse basketball (and football when they’re good), Baltimore Ravens, and Toronto Blue Jays fan. When he’s not losing to Patrick in the World Series, he can be found losing to Josh in the World Series.

OCCUPATION: Writer/Investigative Reporter


FAMILY: Married to the game

Current OOTP Leagues:

Stay At Home League (SAHL): Original member of the league since the 2020 season; current GM of the St. Louis

MLBP: Managed the Colorado Rockies and Toronto Blue Jays

MLC: Managed the Chicago White Sox

OOTP Career Highlights:

SAHL: 3X NLCS champion, 4X NL Central Champion, 3x World Series Loser

MLBP: 2x AL East champion, 1x NL West champion

MLC: 3x AL Central champion, 1x AL Champion

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