GM Profile: Keith

Name: Keith

TEAM: Washington

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 41

About: Born and raised in Europe, moved to the US in junior high. Attended High School in Southern California, college at UC Santa Barbara and law school at UC Hastings. Lived in China for a couple of years after college. Was a lawyer at a large global law firm working on M&A transactions and IPOs before moving over to a corporate development role at a private equity backed technology company. Left that role after 7 years to go help launch a mobile gaming company and then left to go found my own technology startup, which was sold to a public company in 2015. Enjoys investing, working in the startup world and am an absolute sports nut (LA sports team homer).

Occupation: Recovered M&A lawyer turned entrepreneur.

OOTP Player Since: OOTP 9, but took a decade off prior to OOTP 21

Family: Married, 3 kids (boys ages 13, 10 & 3)

Current OOTP Leagues:

Stay At Home League (SAHL): Original member since the 2020 season; current GM of the Washington Nationals.

From the Diamond ($) (FTD): Member since the offseason prior to the 2022 season; current GM of the Washington Nationals.

MLB Expansion (MLBE): Original member since the 2020 season; former league commissioner; current GM of the Los Angeles

OOTP Career Highlights:

SAHL Champions: 2023

GM of the year 2023

MLBE NL West Champions: 2020, 2021, 2022

MLBE NL Champion: 2020, 2022

MLBE World Series Champion: 2022