GM Profile: Josh

Name: Josh

: Oakland A’s

Location: Outside Boston, MA

Age: 41

About: Born and raised north of Boston (in the city next to where Andrew lives), went to school west of Boston, now live south of Boston. I’d live east of the city, next but that’s the ocean. Started a company back when it was cool (2009), sold it, now focus my energy on important things like family and sim baseball leagues.

Occupation: Lead Product Manager for a beauty/personal care booking app.

OOTP Player Since: 2005, give or take. A very long time ago. And I’ve been in online leagues since around then as well. Crazy.

Family: Wife, 3 kids (6, 4, and 6mo), yellow lab.

HOBBIES: Besides OOTP? I played in old man softball and basketball leagues (before COVID turned those into things of the past); I play poker when I can, as well as occasional D&D with my friends. I’m a nerd of diverse tastes and talents.

Current Leagues:

Stay At Home League (SAHL): Original member since the 2020 season; current GM of the Oakland A’s

Best Ran Baseball League (BRBL): Member since the 2020 season; current GM of the San Francisco Giants.

OOTP Career Highlights

2023 World Series Champion

2023 ALCS Champion

2021-2023 AL West Champion

Won a championship back in like 2008 with the Mexico City Diablos Rojos.

Started a league (Baseball Advocates) that had 30 owners and 12 guys acting as “Player Agents” – they negotiated deals on behalf of the players. It was a fun concept but ultimately fizzled out.

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