GM Profile: Connor

Name: Connor

TEAM: Chicago

LOCATION: Deerfield, IL

AGE: 23

ABOUT: Grew up in Loves Park, IL (about an hour or so out of Chicago, IL). Attended Northern Illinois University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Minor in Economics. Currently working in Corporate Finance and aspiring to work in the baseball industry some day.

OCCUPATION: Senior Financial Analyst


FAMILY: Single (Brother — you know who)


Stay At Home League (SAHL): Original member since the 2020 season; current GM of the Chicago Cubs.
From the Diamond ($) (FTD): Member since the offseason prior to the 2022 season; current GM of the New York Yankees.

OOTP Career Highlights:

Crickets…. :cricket:

Bat Flip Baseball: World Series Appearance — Milwaukee Brewers

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