GM Profile: Andrew

Name: Andrew

TEAM: New York

Location:┬áSalem, MA – where those witch trials were!

Age: 26

About: A former water park supervisor turned swim teacher. Gave up playing Counter-Strike semi-professionally and I’ve since rested into casual and enjoyable hobbies like plants, OOTP, tattoos, music festivals, beer, and baseball. When I turned 22 I decided that living in a town with more cows than people wasn’t for me and moved out toward Boston. Born and raised in Massachusetts, yet a diehard fan?

Occupation: Aquatic & Sports Director

OOTP Player Since: OOTP20

Family: Cat

Current :

Stay At Home League (SAHL): Member since 12/5/2020, 2024 in game. Current GM of NY

The League (TLG): Original member since October 2020, 2020 in game. Current GM of Atlanta Braves

OOTP Career Highlights:

Played an offline league until the year 2165, 100x league champion as LAA

Traded the #14 overall prospect for the #4 overall prospect in an online package deal

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