Bitcoin Goes Boom

The ’s adoption rate has increased over the past six months as reputable funds (Fidelity) begin to offer access to the asset class via high-net worth funds.

As () continues to morph from a high-risk, uber speculative asset class and into a staple of everyone’s inflation protection portfolio, the leading cryptocurrency has seen its price soar to new all time highs as the asset crossed $24,000 per token for the first time ever.

Notable Bitcoin bulls:

  • Micrtostrategy CEO Michael J. Saylor: The Bitcoin bull and current CEO of publicly traded , has not only been a BTC investor himself, but he recently made headlines by taking the cash reserves of his public company (over $400M worth) and converting it out of USD and into BTC. He followed that up by recently announcing a $475M debt offering, the proceeds of which are expected to be used to buy even more bitcoin. The Company is rumored to have over a billion dollars in the currency

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